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Professional Development Program

We are accepting applications for the Ms Moxxie Professional Development Program which begins June 6th. 

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Companies - show your support for women's leadership and sponsor a college student for the 2017/2018 Jr Moxxie Program. 

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Hear What Our Mentors and Mentees are Saying

Mentoring young women has been one of the highlights of
my career.  I wish I had the opportunity to be mentored
this way when I was a rising professional.

Andrea Jones - Ms Moxxie Mentor 
Marketing Manager, Rivkin Radler LLP

My mentor gave me professional career advice on careers as well as personal advice.  My mentor and Moxxie have helped me feel comfortable in any professional setting as a diverse, confident and accomplished young woman,

Sarah Ashour - Jr Moxxie Mentee 
SUNY Old Westbury

As a mentor, I was able to share my knowledge and experience, as well as receive a wealth of knowledge and information.  I jave found collaboration and sharing of information and resources to be priceless.  If you are event remotely considering becoming a mentor or mentee, just do it! 

Dona Rutowicz - Jr Moxxie Mentor
Founder, Dona Rutowicz & Associates

Being a Jr Moxxie mentee has caused a huge impact in my life.  I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge from my mentor, the workshops and the field trips.  This program has changed my perspective on life and gave me the confidence that I never existed in me.  

Marlena Purcell - Jr Moxxie Mentee 
SUNY Old Westbury

Being a Moxxie Mentor has been truly a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  I am gratefull to have the opportunity to help guide the lives of so many young and talented women, who will be the face of tomorrow.

Stacey Gorny - Jr Moxxie Mentor
Senior Counsel, Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles LLP
Moxxie taught me not to sell myself short; to get the negative self-talk out of my head and go for my dream.  Ask for that raise. Apply for that job.  Be unapologetic!  Thank you Moxxie for providing a safe environment to share issues that matter to us.

Malisa Ali - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Founder, Millennial Ambition

Every person ought to have a champion; someone who listens and believes in them, to be the best they can be.  This is what Moxxie does for young women.

Barbara DeMatteo - Ms Moxxie Mentor
Dir of HR Consulting, Portnoy Messenger Pearl & Associates
Ms Moxxie is a valuable program for young women just starting their careers.  I was able to improve my networking, presentation and communication skills,  My mentors and fellow mentees gave me excellent advice and confidence boosts along the way.

Amanda Booth - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Marketing Specialist, ClearVision Optical