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Two unique mentoring programs.  Choose the one that best suits you.
Mentor Training & Guidelines provided by Moxxie Mentoring Foundation Inc

Members are matched with a female college student from September through May. .

Program Guidelines:
1) Attend our 2 Hour Mentor Training Class
2) Meet with your mentee at least once a month 
3) Communicate with your mentee weekly via phone, text or skype.
4) Participate in monthly conference calls with other mentors
5) Select something you & your mentee would like to do or learn together
6) Bring your mentee to at least 2 business/networking events
7) Invite your mentee to your workplace, to visit a client or shadow you for a half day

Moxxie assists mentors in this individual program.  While you are the main contact for this student, Moxxie provides  the following:

1.  Guest Speaker Workshop
2.  On-site Industry Exploration Trips
3.  Kick-off Event with all mentors mentees to orient new students to the program
4.  Wrap-up Event with all mentors and mentees.


Two experienced business women are paired up to co-mentor 8-10 young professionals from June through December.

Program Guidelines:
1) Attend our 2 Hour Mentor Training Class
2) Meet with your group once every 3 weeks from 8:00 - 9:30 AM
3) Follow course curriculum provided by Moxxie Mentoring Foundation  -  you may adapt to your specific group
4) Schedule at least 1 social gathering for your group

For more information or to become a mentor, please contact our office at (631) 328-4545 or email

Coming soon ...

Mentors-On-Call - an online forum for young women seeking career advice and industry knowledge.
Men are welcome to participate as mentors in this program beginning soon.