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Jr Moxxie Grantors

Thank you for providing grant support for our college mentees

2016/17 Partners




About Jr Moxxie


           Step Into Success


Our Mission
To provide female college students with a competitive edge for their entry into the business world.

About Jr Moxxie
Jr Moxxie membership is considered a privilege as well as a responsibility.  Select  students are given unique opportunities to be mentored by and network with senior-level business women from various industries.   We stress the importance of networking and building your personal brand as a career strategy.

Potential Candidates

Candidates will be interviewed by their college and/or Moxxie Mentoring Foundation to determine their suitability.  We look for students who:  a) have the time to commit to Jr Moxxie and accept it as a responsibility; b) have an eagerness to experience new things;  c) will make a commitment to participate in monthly events, meetings with her mentor, and attend business & networking events and d) promptly  respond to all emails, calls and texts from mentors and Program Administrators.  Mentees who are not fully engaged in the Program or who are non-responsive may be asked to leave.

 Jr Moxxie Provides
●  Kick-Off / Wrap-Up Socials for mentees and mentors
●  An Individual, Trained Mentor for one school year (September-May)
●  Formal, structured and Career-Focused Program with personalized Jr Moxxie business cards
●  Opportunities for Internships and Jobs
●  Invitations to Business and Networking Events with mentors
●  On-Site Career Exploration Trips to meet successful women and learn about different industries

Past Jr Moxxie Industry / Exploration Field Trips                                                  
WABC- TV Eyewitness News Studios                                                                                                                 
Jazz at Lincoln Center
New York Yankees                                                                                    
Deutsch Inc                                             
WCBS New Radio 880
Nassau County District Attorney's Office                                                   
MacArthur Airport                              
North Shore LIJ Health System
Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security        
Rachael Ray Show                              
Oheka Castle
Office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand                                           

Colleges and Universities - Partner with Moxxie Mentoring Foundation to give your female students the competitive edge.

Want to help?  - Help these young women to develop their business skills by offering Internships or becoming a mentor.  Share your wealth of knowledge and experience.  Don't you wish there was a Jr Moxxie Program when you were in college?  Be there for someone else.

If you are interested in mentoring a female college student, please email