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Mentee Testimonials

"My year 1 experience was absolutely phenomenal. As a young professional new to the business scene, it taught me things about navigating the corporate landscape that I would have never learned otherwise."
Madelyn Sutera - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Associate Account Executive, Austin & Williams

"Ms Moxxie is a supportive network of passionate, motivated, and energetic women, providing personal and professional advice and growth through different points in our lives. Being in the early stages of my career, Ms Moxxie has been a great resource for learning and overcoming obstacles and has provided me with more self confidence."
Kathryn Rieger - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Assistant Controller, BRH Management, LLC.

"Ms Moxxie has helped me to develop very important professional relationships outside of my organization. The women that Moxxie has brought into my life have all supported me incredibly and have served as my greatest mentors."
Jessica Zuniga - Ms Moxxie Mentee
International Program Coordinator, Farmingdale State College

“Being a member of Ms Moxxie means that you are apart of a network that you can always count on. Being mentored personally and professionally by Moxxie mentors, and connecting with the other Ms Moxxies is rewarding no matter what stage of your career you are in. You will not only be “pumped for business” while being a Ms. Moxxie, but prepared for a lifelong of success.”
Catherine Ciccone – Ms Moxxie Mentee
Volunteer Resource Specialist, Girl Scouts of Nassau County

"Moxxie Mentoring was life changing! I met other women who I will stay in touch with and close friends with for a lifetime. I learned a lot about myself and how to handle difficult situations and grew tremendously from being a member"
Jennifer Herbst - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Sales (Learning Technology Representative), McGraw-Hill Education

"Ms Moxxie is a great organization for young women trying to get started in business or at the beginning of their careers. It's an excellent way to meet other women, whether for business, networking, or friendship."
Alyson Terwilliger - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Manager, Sheehan & Company, CPA, PC

"The Ms Moxxie program was a God send. It helped me realize my worth and work up the courage to express my expectations in a positive professional way. My career has come leaps and bounds from where it was and I owe so much of that to Ms Moxxie as well as my wonderful mentors..."
Nia Elliott - Ms Moxxie Mentee
Benefits Coordinator/Community Associate, Office of the District Attorney, Bronx County

"The Moxxie Mentoring Foundation has shown me nothing but the greatest energy and female empowerment. I am grateful to be apart of such an elite network." 
Talisa Flatts - Jr/Ms Moxxie Mentee
Experienced Hire Recruiting Coordinator, Ernst & Young

"Jr Moxxie was an amazing opportunity that provided me with the insight into the workings of the business world, and how vital it is to network and successfully make connections with other professionals to stand out."
Aqsa Muzamil - Jr Moxxie Mentee
Studen, SUNY Old Westbury

"Jr Moxxie is a great way to get comfortable with networking, meet people in fields you're interested in, and gain valuable insight about pursuing your career path"
Rejena Carmichael - Jr Moxxie Mentee
Assistant Editor, Manhatten Bride

"Moxxie is a great program that jump started the networking for my professional career. Within my first year of the program, I met many professionals in my field as well as attended events with my mentor. I received the purple pump award for my outstanding efforts throughout the program, and was able to take away so much from my experience that has truly helped me as a woman in the business world."
Arianna Georgiadis - Jr Moxxie Mentee
Staff Accountant, Ernst & Young

"Jr Moxxie exposed me to a wide range of opportunities, provided me with leadership skills, and access to phenomenal mentors which has helped me to become the professional I am today. Not only did Moxxie provide me with my first business cards, and a tailored resume, Moxxie literally helped me get my first salaried job upon graduating college."
Kimberly Weaver - Jr Moxxie Mentee
Program Associate, National Urban League

"Jr Moxxie is a great mentoring program for young women to be involved in because it fosters the ideology of women empowering other women. The advice offered by mentors on everything from school to landing a job has been insightful and useful throughout my journey towards a career."
Tinamarie Fisco - Jr Moxxie Mentee
Student, Albany Law School

"This program has given me many opportunities to further develop myself personally and professionally. By being part of a network of professional females, I learned the necessary steps I needed to take to become successful in the future"
Dhimitra Papadhimitri - Jr Moxxie Mentee
Consultant, IBM

"Jr Moxxie does a lot to assist young women to grow into their own potential. It teaches these women to think differently, and think intelligently through experiences and one on one interactions."
Janine Perez - Jr Moxxie Alumni
Marketing Assistant for Children's Books, Simon & Schuster Publishers