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Mentor Testimonials

Every person ought to have a champion: someone who listens and believes in them, to be the best they can be. This is what  Moxxie does for young women.
Barara DeMatteo - Ms Moxxie Mentor
Director, HR Consulting - Portnoy Messenger Pearl & Associates

Being a Moxxie Mentor has been a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to help guide the lives of so many young and talented women, who will be the face of tomorrow.
Stcey Gorny - Jr Moxxie Mentor
Attorney, Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles LLP

Engaging with our Ms Moxxie program participants has confirmed for me that our future is bright based on these superstars who are leading the way! The opportunity to work with such intelligent and amazing young women as they begin their careers has proven to be one of the most rewarding efforts in my own professional life. Developing such positive relationships (while having so much fun!) is just one of the many rewards of being involved with the Ms Moxxie mentoring program…I’m grateful for the opportunity to be involved.
Shannon Mashburn - Ms Moxxie Mentor
HR Director, Alcott HR

Being a mentor is so rewarding.  Besides being able to pass along my hard-won wisdom to the next generation of female leadesr, I also always learn something from these bright, motivated young ladies.  I recommend becoming a Ms Moxxie Mentor to all women interested in paying I forward.
Andrea Jones - Ms Moxxie Mentor
Marketing Manager, Rivkin Radler

Being a mentor is so rewarding.  Getting that phone call from my mentee who said “I got the job and I don’t think I could have done it without you and Moxxie”  is just amazing.  I wish Moxxie was there when I was starting out.
Suzanne Kirkpatrick Nelson - Jr Moxxie Mentor
Senior Vice President, Suffolk County National Bank

As a mentor, I was able to share my knowledge and experience, as well as receive a wealth of knowledge and information.  I have found the collaboration and sharing of information and resources to be priceless.  If you are even remotely considering becoming a mentor or mentee, just do it!  You won’t be disappointed.  This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.
Dona Rutowicz - Jr Moxxie Mentor
Founder & President, Dona Rutowicz & Associates LLC

Being a mentor in the Jr Moxxie Program for two years was a life changing experience. Meeting each and everyone of the mentees was inspiring for me personally and professionally. The bond that was created between me and my mentee was mutually beneficial and will last a lifetime.
Laura Palker - Jr Moxxie Mentor 
CEO, Trade Show Solutions Center

"Being a mentor and paying it forward has been most fulfilling. Every year I have the satisfying pleasure of watching young women gain confidence & business acumen. The best payback is when they ask when they can mentor younger women!  I truly wish this organization existed when I was starting out.
Dawn Davidson Drantch - Ms Moxxie Mentor
Corporate Counsel, Alcott HR