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Moxxie Mentoring Foundation supports and fosters the career advancement and leadership development of young women through generational mentoring.  Our vision includes equal opportunities, representation and compensation in the workforce for all women. Help make this a reality by supporting our unique nonprofit.  

Each and every mentee and program participant receives a full or partial scholarship. How do we do this?  We keep our overhead extremely low by seeking out and training savvy, seasoned and caring business women to act as volunteer mentors. We reseach and recruit guest speakers who are experts in their field to present on a pro bono basis.  We receive invitations to visit companies such as LinkedIn, Google, ABC Eywitness News, NY Yankees, Jazz at Lincoln Center,  Canon USA and so many more that allow our mentees to learn the inner workings of thier industry and the unknown jobs that are available in each of them. Ww also receive the generous support of corporate sponsors who donate their facilities and/or provide catering including Rechler Equity/Grebarn and Arizona Ice Tea.

Still we need your financial assistance to keep this one-of-a-kind organization functioning and to strengthen and expand our programs, practices and reach.  Please help us to positivley affect many more young women as well as women in job transition.  We cannot continue this without your financial help.  

Our Programs:

Jr Moxxie - pairs female college students with seasoned business women and provides webinars & business connections for a successful entry into the workforce.

Ms Moxxie -  a professional development program for young women that instills confidence and teaches fundamential business skills which are invalualbe to emerging leaders as well as to the companies investing in them. 

Moving On with Moxxie -  an online program that provides expert guest speakers and a community of support to displaced women which readies them for re-entry into the workfoce.




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