Adopt a Mentee - Campaign Goal $20,000

moxxie college girl fundraiser thermometer-3men-tee   
    /men te/
    noun - a person who is advised, trained or counseled by a mentor.

Your donation of $600 will provide ONE FULL SCHOLARSHIP to a
college woman and help us create strong, confident, young professionals and future leaders.  

What is the Jr Moxxie Program?
Jr Moxxie is an individual mentoring program that pairs highly-motivated college students with senior-level professionals from all industries who have been trained as Moxxie Mentors.  These mentors dedicate their time to work with our mentees and provide one-on-one support, leadership and career guidance. 

Jr Moxxie provides each student with:
* Kick-off and Wrap-up Events for all Mentors and Mentees
* Individual, trained Mentor for the Fall and Spring semesters
* Career-focused program with 2 monthly guest speaker presentations
* Fall/Spring MicroTeams with other Mentors and Mentees
* Opportunites for internships and jobs
* Invitations to business and networking events
* Access to Moxxie's expansive network of connections
* On-site Career Exploration trips to well-known companies (Post Covid)


Select a One-time Donation or Monthly Payments of your choice. 
   Corporate Sponsor - $2,000
   Full Scholarship - $600
   Half Scholarship - $300
   Any Amount You Choose - ???

Please click Donate and help us create the female leaders of tomorrow.  Thank you!


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