Jr Moxxie Program Requirements

Jr Moxxie is a privilege as well as a responsibility.  All student mentees must adhere to all program requirements listed below.  Student receiving scholarships may be asked to reimburse all or part of the scholarship money if they do not adhere to the program requirements.

By choosing to participate in the Jr Moxxie Program, students must commit to the following:

  • Follow all the rules and guidelines as outlined in the Jr Moxxie Program and Mentee Orientation
  • Have a positive attitude and be respectful of my mentor and her guidelines
  • Make a commitment for one school year  (fall & spring semesters) to participate in the program
  • Promptly meet with my mentor for our initial meeting and AT LEAST twice a month virtually 
  • Stay in contact with my mentor in between meetings via phone, text or skype
  • Complete the pre-program and post-program surveys
  • Attend the Kick-off and Wrap-up Events
  • Attend at least 2 of the Field Trips, Webinars and 2 of the Workshop/Social Events
  • Register in advance for all Jr Moxxie events listed on the website at MoxxieMentoring.org
  • Attend at least 2 business/networking events with my mentor or Moxxie Mentoring Foundation
  • Keep all appointments with my mentor and/or Jr Moxxie and be on time for scheduled meetings
  • Promptly respond to emails/texts/calls from my mentor, Jr Moxxie, and my college coordinator
  • Communicate with the Program coordinator if I EVER feel uncomfortable or experience any problems

Enjoy the program and your mentor! 

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