Ms Moxxie Curriculum

Year 1 Curriculum

All Year 1 Ms Moxxie groups have the same curriculum.   Each group meets once every three weeks from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM. 

Workshop 1 - Executive Bio / Personal Branding

An introduction of the program will include writing a professional bio and sharing what we hope to get out of the program.  Learn to brand yourself in a positive, professional way.

Workshop 2 - The Art of Networking

Networking has become a critical element for growing a career and/or business.  Many are intimidated and challenged with how to make networking a productive effort.  In this session, we work with the Mentees to design their own custom commercial and teach effective networking practices.

Workshop 3 - DISC 1:  Understanding and Working with Different Personalities

Understanding how “you are wired’ and what makes others respond to your conversations and actions is a critical skill in the work environment.  We examine your personality and provide insight into why some interactions are successful and others struggle, and what you can do about it to insure that an interaction will proceed smoothly.

Workshop 4 – DISC 2: Understanding and Working with Different Personalities

Deeper delve into understanding and working with people.

Workshop 5 - Difficult Conversations

Everyone deals with difficult conversations – whether it's negotiating for a raise, requesting a promotion, resigning your position, or just dealing with a difficult peer or manager.  We discuss various scenarios and how to manage those conversations for better outcomes. 

Workshop 6 - Nego-SHE-ate Skills

Women are notoriously deficient in this skill.  During this workshop we role-play in order to see how we react to certain negotiating tactics, and how to develop a few of our own.  

Workshop 7 — Stand & Deliver: Define and Refine Your Presentation Skills

Every successful professional has to make a presentation at some time in their careers. We take some of the fear out by practicing our skills in front of each other, and then giving and taking friendly critiques.

Workshop 8 - Leadership and Attentive Listening

There are so many characteristics of leadership - but not all great leaders encompass them all.  Learn which traits you can cultivate within yourself so others view you as a leader.   Attentive listening involves listening with all senses.   As well as giving full attention to the speaker, it is important that an "active listener" is also "seen" to be listening.  Learn how to be an active, attentive and reflective listener.

Workshops 9 & 10 - TBA 

Year 2 Curriculum

NOTE:  You MUST complete Year 1 before advancing to Year 2.
Meetings are once a month and include the topics listed below.  Guest Speakers may be presenting at certain workshops and others may be at an advanced level of the Year 1 topic.

Financial Acumen
Time Management Skills
Professional Conversation Skills
Negotiation Skills (Part 2)
Presentation Skills (Part 2)
Emotional Intelligence

Year 3 Curriculum

NOTE:  You MUST complete Year 2 before advancing to Year 3.
Year 3 will focus on discussions about current business articles and how the topic affects young women in business.

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