Ms Moxxie Mentor Requirements & Info

What is Ms Moxxie?
Ms Moxxie is a group mentoring/profesional development program for young women in their twenties and early thirties. 

Moxxie Mentoring Foundation oversees the mentor/mentee relationship to ensure appropriate, consistent and professional business & personal growth.     

What are the guidelines for being a Ms Moxxie Mentor?
1)  attend our 2 hour training class
2)  co-mentor a group of 5-10 young women
3)  meet with your group every two weeks for 60 minute workshops
4) follow our curriculum
5) participate in monthly mentor conference calls
6) plan one social event for your group

How does Moxxie Mentoring Foundation support the Mentors?
Moxxie conducts a mandatory 2-hour Mentor Training Class for all mentors to meet each other, learn the basics of mentoring and the specific of being a Ms Moxxie Mentor.     We facilitate monthly mentor conference calls to discuss the upcoming workshop, common challenges, issues and successes. 

How long is the commitment?
6 months with meeting every two weeks from 12 Noon - 1:00 PM. 

What if I never mentored before?
No worries.  Moxxie guides you step-by-step so that you never feel alone and unsure about what to do. If you are presented with a situation that you are unprepared, uncomfortable or ill-equipped to handle, Moxxie will step in and assist. 

How do the mentees get recruited?
We partner with companies who are interested in supporting their young female talent.

How do I apply to be a mentor?
At this time, we no have open positions for a Ms Moxxie Mentor.  If you are interested in individually mentoring a college student from September through May please email

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