Moxxie Emeritus


Integrate retired, semi-retired and senior-level female professionals into the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation community with the objective of utilizing their uniqe talents to move the mission forward.


Moxxie Emeritus will consist of well-respected leaders form the corporate, nonprofit, academic and entrepreneurial fields who will provide support to further strengthen the success and sustainability of the Foundation.

The group will meet on as as-needed basis to discuss Foundation activities and detemine how they can best support the organization.  Project-oriented subgroups may develop in ordert o make bette use of specific talents of individual group members.

Member Criteria

  • Passion for supporting women's leadership
  • Ability to provide operation and program support on a volunteer basis
  • Readiness to share resources that will advance annual fundraising objectives
  • Eagerness to contribute innovative and strategic thinking to the Foundation
  • Connections to high level contacts with the LI and NYC regions


  1. There is no financial oblilgation to Moxxie Emeritus members.
  2. There is no financial compensation to Moxxie Emeritus members.
  3. Members will be acknowledged on the Foundation website.

 To join Moxxie Emeritus, please email [email protected] or call (631) 328-4545.

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