Past Programs

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Personal Development Program

A 3-month program for the female scientists and engineers in WiSE (Women in Science & Engineering).

Efficacy Statement

Moxxie Mentoring Foundation's Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory workshop series showed to be efficacious in providing knowledge, skills and self-confidence to its participants, the women biologists of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Participants improved in all areas including leadership ability, networking skills, self-confidence and professional self-efficacy. Particularly high improvement was shown in ability to manage difficult conversations in a professional context. The evident development can be attributed to Moxxie Mentoring Foundation's program which consistently sought to instill and nurture these qualities and to teach techniques that can beneficially impact productivity, teamwork and advancement in the workplace.

Client Testimonial

I have worked with Beth and the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation for the past year as part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) group at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. WiSE worked with Moxxie to advance the group's mission to promote women scientists and help them grow professionally and personally. Beth created a 7-part workshop series to help women scientists increase their confidence, networking and leadership skills, and navigate difficult conversations. Each workshop was led by an expert in the field, including Beth herself, a master in the art of networking! The workshops were very well attended and we were all very impressed by the knowledge of the facilitators. Every week Beth made sure that all the attendees are satisfied, and was open to criticism and changes. It was a pleasure working with Beth and the Moxxie Mentoring foundation and I look forward to working with them again.

- Lital Chartarifsky, PhD Candidate & Co-Founder WiSE

NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences - Jr Moxxie Leadership Program

A 3-month program for the female STEM students.

Eficacy Statement

Efficacy has been found. Participants successfully learned techniques, behavioral skills, and insights about personal and social behavior they didn't previously know. The quality of the guest speakers and the environments were rated highly and were conducive to learning. The material was pertinent and conveyed effectively. And, the participants enjoyed the program.

Nassau County District Attorney's Office - Moxxie Girl

A one-day event that provided age-appropriate, career-minded role models to teen girls in their Youth Court program.

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