Mentor Code of Conduct

Moxxie Mentors do not give advice, but rather help the mentee to evaluate and consider different situations through a process of reflection, thought-provoking questions and critical feedback which allow the mentee to come to a well-informed and thought-out decision herself.  All participating mentors must, at all times, conduct themselves with dignity and act in a way which respects diversity and promotes equal opportunities.  The mentor’s role is to respond to the mentee’s needs and agenda; it is not to impose their own agenda.  All Jr Moxxie and Ms Moxxie mentors are required to attend our 2-hour Mentor Training Class.  Mentors on Call mentors must view our Mentor-on-Call Training Video as well as adhere to the following guidelines.

Confidentiality:  The confidentiality of the mentee remains paramount at all times.  I shall not disclose any information about the mentee to other parties without the explicit mentee permission.

Act on Behalf of Mentee: I shall always strive to act in the best interests of the mentee.  Under no circumstances shall I further other interests by intentionally advising the mentee to follow a course of action that is clearly detrimental to the best interests of the mentee.

Communications: In communications with the mentee, I shall not use offensive language or transmit offensive images.  

Discussion Topics:  If the mentee expresses an unwillingness, reluctance or discomfort in discussing any topic that I have raised, I shall promptly cease pursuing that topic.

Business Relationship:  I shall not pursue a business relationship with the mentee during my participation in the program.

Prohibited Advice:  I shall never counsel the mentee beyond the bounds of my capability, experience & expertise. When appropriate, I may refer the mentee to another point of contact or professional who can act in her best interests.

Fees:  I am acting in a voluntary capacity and shall not charge the mentee or foundation any fees for our meetings or request any form of compensation.

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