Welcome MOC Mentors

Thank you for assisting the young women in our mentoring programs.  Our mentees will be logging into the MOC Directory and reading your bios.  If interested in meeting or speaking with you to gain industry knowledge, they will email you directly via our website to schedule an appointent.  Our mentees will be from one of our two main programs:

Jr Moxxie - an individual mentoring program for college students
Ms Moxxie - a group, professional development program for young professional women

 As an approved Mentor on Call, you are required to:

1) View our 10-minute Training Video with the password: moctraining
2) Read and return your signed  MOC Code of Conduct

PLEASE DONATE - If you felt that our training video and code of conduct provided great information, readied you to meet our mentees or helped you better understand your own role as a manager/senior-level professional, we would appreciate a donation of any amount to help cover the cost of this exciting, new program.  To donate, click here.

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