Moving On with Moxxie - Curriculum

WOMEN IN TRANSITION - This program is on hiatus.  Please check back for the next cohort to begin.  

Cohorts usually meet weekly from 12:30 - 2:00 PM.  Participants must have a computer with proper audio & visual functioning.  This is a live progam and active participation is required.

Anticipated Curriculum

Program Kick-off 
Program Facilitator:  Beth Meixner, Founder/Executive Director, Moxxie Mentoring Foundation
An overview to the program and intro to the progam participants. The group will discuss program and individual goals.

Workshop #1 - Creating a Properity Mindset
Speaker: Marc Miller, PhD, President, MLM Coaching & Consulting
A discussion on the effect of job loss and how to acknowledge our feelings in ordert to set ourselves up for growth and expansion.

Workshop #2Networking and Your Personal Brand
Speaker: Beth Meixner, Founder, Moxxie Network & Moxxie Mentoring Foundation
Through networking, business events and social media (Linkedin, Facebook, etc), you will learn how to best present yourself as an effective professional who can bring value to a potential employer.

Workshop #3 - Interview Skills
Speaker: Sharon Braun, HR Director, Capital One
Learn how to prepare for different types of interviews and what questions you need to be prepared to ask and answer.

Workshop #4  – Resumes, Cover Letters & Professional Bios
Speaker:  Dorian Caccamo, Senior Recruiter, Nielsen Associates
Learn the types of resumes for specific industries, how a resume differs from a professional bio and how to write a concise letter that provides an overall look into your unique personality and skillset.

Workshop #5 – Job Search Techniques
Speaker: Kim Cottage, Managing Partner, National Recruiting Service
Learn how to use certain websites (Glass Door, Indeed & LinkedIn) and connections (social media) to look for positions and industries that may be of interest to you and fit your skillset.

Workshop #6 Improving Communication Using DISC
Speaker: Barbara DeMatteo, Director of HR Consulting, Portnoy Messinger Pearl & Associates
Understanding how “you are wired’ and what makes others respond to your conversations and actions is a critical skill in the work environment.  We examine individual personality types and provide insight into why some interactions are successful, why others struggle and how to improve communication.

 Workshop #7 - The GROW Model
Speaker: Kiki Orski, President, Peak Performance Consulting
Experience the Goal-Reality-Options-Will process and how it will teach you to address your own challenges & issues and help you get "unstuck." 

 Workshop #8 – Presenting Our Ideas With Confidence
Speaker: Laurie Altschuler, Trainer, Dale Carnegie
Research indicates that communication & relationships are a top priority to employers.  In this Dale Carnegie workshop we will assess the crucial communication tool of Listening - and learn a formula to connect with others by speaking with confidence as a way to build on these skills for success.

 Workshop #9 - Nego-SHE-ate Your Worth
Speaker:  Kerrian Fournier, CEO, Vibrante Ventures
This discussion centers around determining your value and building the confidence to ask for it.

 Workshop #10Moving On with Moxxie
Speaker:  Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD
A discussion on how to leverage your skills to move forward with confidence, professionalism and grit.

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