Moving On with Moxxie - Curriculum

The first group of this program has ended. Check back early 2021 for the next group.

6/30   Workshop #1Creating a Prosperity Mindset
Speaker:  Marc Miller, PhD, President, MLM Coaching & Consulting
A discussion on the effect of job loss and how to acknowledge our feelings in order to set ourselves up for growth and expansion.

7/07   Workshop #2Networking and Your Personal Brand
Speaker: Beth Meixner, Founder, Moxxie Network & Moxxie Mentoring Foundation
Through networking, business events and social media (Linkedin, Face Book, etc), you will learn how to best present yourself as an effective professional who can bring value to a potential employer.

7/14  Workshop #3  – Resumes, Cover Letters & Professional Bios
Speaker:  Dorian Caccamo, VP of Operations, National Recruiting Group
Learn the types of resumes for specific industries, how a resume differs from a professional bio and how to write a concise letter that provides an overall look into your unique personality and skill set.

7/21  Workshop #4Job Search Techniques
Speaker: Kim Cottage, Managing Partner, National Recruiting Service
Learn how to use certain websites (Glass Door, Indeed & LinkedIn) and connections (social media) to look for positions and industries that may be of interest to you and fit your skill set

7/28  Workshop #5The GROW Model
Speaker: Kiki Orski, President, Peak Performance Consulting
Experience the Goal-Reality-Options-Will process and how it will teach you to address your own challenges & issues and help you get “unstuck”.

8/04   Workshop #6Enhance Your People Skills
Speaker: Barbara DeMatteo, Director of HR Consulting, Portnoy Messinger Pearl & Associates
Understanding how “you are wired’ and what makes others respond to your conversations and actions is a critical skill in the work environment.  We examine individual personality types and provide insight into why some interactions are successful, why others struggle and how to improve communication.

8/11  Workshop #7 Presenting Our Ideas With Confidence
Speaker: Laurie Altschuler, Trainer, Dale Carnegie
Research indicates that communication and relationships are of top priority to employers.  In this Dale Carnegie workshop we will assess the crucial communication tool of Listening - and learn a formula to connect with others by Presenting Our Ideas With Confidence as a way to build on these skills for success.

8/18   Workshop #8 - Nego-SHE-ate Your Worth
Speaker:  Kerrian Fournier, CEO, Vibrante Ventures
This discussion centers around determining your value and building the confidence to ask for it.

8/25  Workshop #9Interview Skills
Speaker: Sharon Braun, HR Director, Capital One
Learn how to prepare for different types of interviews and what questions you need to be prepared to ask and answer.

9/01  Workshop #10Moving On with Moxxie
Speaker:  Lisa Murray, Chief Marketing Officer, Octagon
A discussion on how to leverage your skills to move forward with confidence, professionalism and grit.

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