Moving On with Moxxie - Now Accepting Applications

WOMEN IN JOB TRANSITION - Moxxie Mentoring Foundation is now accepting applications for female Suffolk County residents for our Spring 2024 cohort. Future cohorts for women outside of Suffolk County may come at a later date.

Participants must have a computer with proper audio & visual functioning. This is a live program and active participation is required at all meetings.  


Below is the proposed curriculum.  Some changes may occur.

An overview of the program and intro to the program participants. The group will discuss the program and individual goals.

#1 - Tuesday, April 2 - Creating a Prosperity Mindset
Discover and actively live your purpose to unleash greater success, joy and fulfillment in your personal and professional lives.

#2 - Tuedsay, April 9 - GROW Model Goal Setting
Experience the Grow-Reality-Options-Will process of goal setting and learn to address your own challenges & issues to get "unstuck".

#3 - Tuesday, April 16 - Learning LinkedIn 
Through LinkedIn, social media, and networking you will learn how to best present yourself as an effective professional who can bring value to a potential employer.

#4 – Tuesday, April 23 -  Resumes
A powerful personal brand can make the difference between chasing opportunities and having them chase you.  Learn how to elevate your power of attraction with a resume and cover letter that showcase your unique selling points and skill set.

#5 – Tuesday, April 30 - Interviews
What you can expect during the initial screeening interview as well as the first, second and third interview.  Learn the types of qustions to expect: typical, difficult and behavorial.  Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and how to follow up after each interview.  

#6 - Tuesday, May 7 - DISC: Understanding Different Personality Types
Understand how you and others are "wired".  We'll examine personality types and provide insight into why some interactions are successful and others struggle and what you can do about it.

#7 - Tuesday, May 14 - Navigating the Digital Job Search
Learn how to use certain websites (Glassdoor, Indeed & LinkedIn) and connections to look for positions and industries that may be of interest to you and fit your skill set.

#8 - Tuesday, May 21 -  Nego-SHE-ate Your Worth
This discussion centers around determining your value and building the confidence to ask for it.

#9 - Tuesday, May 28 - Bridging the Confidence Gap/The Female Advantage
Leveragng EQ (Emothinal Intelligence) and how to increase your own EQ - Competence vs Confidence.

#10 - Tuesday, June 4 - Moving On with Moxxie
A discussion on how to leverage your skills to move forward with confidence, professionalism, and grit.

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