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About Our Foundation

Moxxie Mentoring Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation established in 2012 to expand the mentoring program activities formerly performed under the auspices of Moxxie Network LLC. Since 2010, Moxxie has mentored over 650 women. The Foundation’s activities include: Program Development & Execution, Mentor & Mentee Recruitment, Mentor Training and Mentee Orientation.

The Foundation hosts two main fundraising events each year:  the June MoXY Awards honoring men who have advanced the careers of women and the October Emerald Summit promoting women's leadership & professional mentoring.  In addition, we honor Moxxie's outstanding mentors and mentees.


To support and foster the career advancement and leadership development of young women as well as women in job transition.


We envision an America with no unfair judgment or barriers to entry in the workforce, where women have attained equal pay and opportunities in top leadership positions across the business and public sectors.


We believe that women are an integral and vital part of business and that our innate skills and perspectives add real value to the profitability, culture and operations of an organization. We believe that women must fully support each other and stand as a united front in the campaign to achieve our vision.  Additionally, we believe that men play an equal role in this campaign and must be included in our efforts. 

Our Programs

Jr Moxxie - an 8-month individual mentoring program for female college students.  Read more...

Ms Moxxie - a 6-month group professional development program for young women ages 22-35.  Read more...

Moving On with Moxxie - a 10-week virtual program for Women in Transition which readies them for re-entry into the workforce. Read more ...

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