Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved

Choose the way that suits you best

As a Mentor - become a Jr Moxxie or Ms Moxxie Mentor

As a Mentee - become a Jr Moxxie or Ms Moxxie Mentee

As a Board Member - - we will soon be launching a campaign to recruit additional board members.  Please check back soon.

As a Volunteer - we are always looking for people to use thier unique skills in a way that best suits them and our foundation. If interested, please call (631) 328-4545 or email

As a Moxxie Emeritus - this adjunt committee will be comprised of retired and semi-retired women who want to stay connected to the business world and help move our mission forward. Read more ...

As a Sponsor - you can sponsor a college student in Jr Moxxie, become an Emerald Summit sponsor, or general donor.

As a Participating College/University - partner with Moxxie and offer your students a unique mentoring program unavailable elsewhere. Learn more ...

As a Corporate Partner - enroll your young female talent in our Ms Moxxie program,.  This 6-month professional development program runs from June through December each year.

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