Get Involved

Choose the way that suits you best

As a Mentor - become a Jr Moxxie or Ms Moxxie Mentor

As a Mentee - become a Jr Moxxie or Ms Moxxie Mentee

As an Event Committee Member  - you can join either of two committees forming now:

1) MoXY Awards committee -  our April funraiser honoroing men who have advanced the careers of women.
2) Emerald Summit committee - our  October fundraiser promoting women's leadership

As a Committee Member for one of the following Board Committees:
  * Fund Development
  * Programs
  * Events
  * Board Development

As a Sponsor - you can sponsor a college student in Jr Moxxie, become an Emerald Summit sponsor, or general donor.

As a Participating College/University - partner with Moxxie and offer your students a unique mentoring program unavailable elsewhere. Learn more ...

As a Corporate Partner - enroll your young female talent in our Ms Moxxie program.  This 8-month professional development program runs from May through December each year.

As a Part-time Program Manager - we are currently accepting applications for this position.  Work 10-20 hours each week from home as welll as attend various morning, afternoon and evening events.  Please send resumes to  View Job Description

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