WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Join a committee!

Our volunteer Board Committtees are comprised of both board and non-board members. Each committee will be resposonsible for the overall taks assigned to that specific committee.  Each committe is led by a Board Member and committees will meet online monthly.  Committe Chairs will report their committee's progress at our monthly board meetings.  

Joining a committee is a great way to expand your professional network. These committees may also serve as a pipeline for board member and mentor positions that become available.

To join a committee please email the Committee Chair listed below.

Strategic Marketing & Communications
Katy Tatzel - kathryn.tatzel@pseg.com
* Brand identity & social media messaging
* Create new campaigns
* Use video & new/varied social media outlets
* Influence recruitmen

Talisa Flatts - talisaflatts@gmail.com
* Mentor/Mentee/Participant/Speaker recruitment
* Assist in recruitng guest speakers and field trips
* Mentor appreciation programs
* Program expansion and refinement; generate new program concepts

Melissa Gonzalez - mgonzalez@grassiadvisors.com
* Plan, execute Emerald Summit
* Plan, execute MoXY Awards
* Plan, execute Meet the Mentees event
* New event ideas & expansion of current events

Fund Development
Jill Schneider - jill.schneider@eisneramper.com
* Corporate grants & sponsorships
* 3rd party fundraisers
* Go Fund Me / Text to Donate campaigns
* Online auctions (obtain items and handle auctions)
* New fundraising ideas

Alumni Association
Arianna Savoca - asavoca@grassiadvisors.com
* Foster professional and social connections among foundation alumni
* Re-engage past mentors and mentees 
* Create and organize alumni events 

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