Ms Moxxie

Professional Development for Young Women

About Ms Moxxie

Ms Moxxie is a 6-month professional development program that specifically addresses the unique career needs of young women.  The program focuses on increasing skill set and confidence level by teaching business fundamentals which are invaluable to emerging leaders as well as to the companies employing and investing in them.

Our program goal is to provide young professional women with the tools necessary to become all they are capable of becoming in both their personal and professional lives. Through trained mentor-led workshops, industry-expert guest speakers and networking events,  young women are exposed to people, ideas and business techniques which will enable them to further their careers.

Ms Moxxie groups are led by 2 seasoned business women who have been trained as Moxxie Mentors.  These co-mentors lead workshops with 8-10 young women.  Each Year 1 group meets once every 3-4  weeks from June through December.  Year 2 groups meet once a month.  Workshops are 90 minutes.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the application using the link below.

There are three levels of the Ms Moxxie program:
Year 1 - Developing business skills
Year 2 - Advanced Levels of Learning with Guest Speakers

If interested in being a Ms Moxxie Mentee, complete the online application.

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