Moving On with Moxxie - Program Overview

We are currectly accepting applications for the next cohort that is expected to begin in Summer/Fall 2023.  All applicants will be interviewed to determine suitability for the program.  Complete the online application.

Mission - to prepare women in job transiton for re-entry into the workforce.

About - an online group program with weekly 90-minute workshops designed to increase the personal and professional acumen of professional women in transition.  A Program Facilitator will host all workshops and introduce the weekly Guest Speaker who is an expert in her/his field  Participants will be given access to the expansive networks of Moxxie Mentoring Foundation and Moxxie Network as well as to the Mentor-on-Call Directory.

Ideal Candidates - women with all levels of experience who can benefit from updating their skills, expanding their professional networks and increasing their confidence to successfully re-enter the workforce.

Program Requirements - candidates will accept this as a responsibility and commit to preparing for and actively participating in all 10 workshops as well as:

1) complete the online application
2) come prepared for each workshop
3) actively participate in each workshop
4) complete the pre and post-program surveys

Frequency/Time - once a week for 11 weeks for 90 minutes.

Group Size - maximum of ten women with one Program Facilitator and a Guest Speaker.

Program Fee - FREE for all participants accepted into the program

View the anticipated program curriculum

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