Jr Moxxie Mentor Requirements & Info

What is Jr Moxxie?
Jr Moxxie is a one-of-a-kind mentoring program which provides female college students with a competitive edge.  Its membership is considered a privilege as well as a responsibility.  Select college students are given unique opportunities to meet, be mentored by and network with successful, seasoned women from the corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial fields.  Moxxie Mentoring Foundation oversees the mentor/mentee relationship to ensure appropriate, consistent and professional business & personal growth.     

What are the guidelines for being a Jr Moxxie Mentor?
1)  attend our Mentor Training class
2)  meet with your mentee virtually or in-person AT LEAST twice a month
4)  connect with mentee via zoom/email/text in between meetings
5)  attend at least two business/networking events with your mentee
6)  invite your mentee to your workplace or to visit a client
7)  participate in monthly mentor Zoom meetings 

How does Moxxie Mentoring Foundation support the Mentors?
Moxxie conducts a mandatory 2-hour Mentor Training Class for all mentors to meet each other, learn the basics of mentoring and the specific of being a Jr Moxxie Mentor.  We facilitate monthly mentor conference calls to discuss common challenges, issues and successes.  Moxxie also schedules Field Trips and webinars which the mentors are invited to attend.

How long is the commitment?
It coincides with the college's calendar - from September through May.  Each September,  new students are brought into the program and a few remain for another year.

What if I never mentored before?
No worries.  Moxxie guides you step-by-step so that you never feel alone and unsure about what to do.  If you are presented with a situation that you are unprepared, uncomfortable or ill-equipped to handle, Moxxie will step in and assist. 

What colleges participate?
Each year we have different colleges.  Since we began Jr Moxxie in 2010 we have mentored students from:  LIU Post, Molloy College, Adelphi University, Hofstra, St Joseph's College, Farmingdale State College, NYIT, SUNY Old Westbury and St John's.

How do the mentees get recruited?
Each college has different ways of informing the students.  Moxxie informs the colleges on the ideal candidate.  Moxxie then interviews each candidate to determine if she is a good fit for the program. 

What if my mentee and I are not a good match?
There is no reason to feel uncomfortable about requesting that we re-assign your mentee to a better suited mentor.  Our goal is provide the best mentor/mentee pairs for the best possible outcome.

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