Mentors On Call


To connect our mentees with vetted professionals who can offer additional career guidance and industry knowledge on a one-time, as-needed basis.


Mentors On Call (MOC) will consist of well-respected professionals, both men and women, who have volunteered to meet and/or speak with our mentees on a one-time basis (additional meetings are optional).  Selected MOC professionals will be from the corporate, nonprofit, academic and entrepreneurial fields.  They will provide an inside look into their specific industry or job allowing the Moxxie Mentee to gain further knowledge and make well-informed, strategic decisions regarding her career path.

How it Works

Selected MOC will have a profile in our Mentors on Call Directory which includes a professional headshot, contact information, brief bio, a sentence or two about their specific job and a sentence or two about their specific industry.  Our Mentees from both Jr Moxxie (college women) and Ms Moxxie (young professional women) will be able to log into the website and search by industry.  If interested in setting an appointment after reading your MOC Profile, our mentee will contact you directly via email through our website to schedule a one-time meeting (up to one hour).

Mentors-On-Call Criteria

  • A passion for supporting women's leadership
  • Ability to act as a judgement-free, supportive and encouraging role model to a mentee
  • Readiness to share personal career expertise, resources and contacts with mentee
  • Commitment and availability to meet with a minimum of three mentees in a 12 month period
  • MUST view our MOC training video
  • MUST adhere to our MOC Code of Conduct

Apply to Become a Mentor-On-Call


  1. There is no financial obligation or compensation to Mentors on Call (MOC).
  2. Mentor-On-Call profiles will be displayed in the online directory at
  3. Mentors on Call are required to view a Mentor Training Video
  4. Mentors on Call will be asked to provide a MOC Log of all mentee meetings.
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